Contact me


You can contact me by email using the address, which is also available at the bottom of all pages of this website.

An email is like a postcard: anyone on its way can read it. If you are not comfortable with this, the following sections will give you other ways to reach me.


Keybase provides an easy way to check identities and send encrypted messages. Here is my profile page.

OpenPGP public key

Here is my OpenPGP public certificate. Its fingerprint is F918 EF6C 9061 BAD6 6C84 0A8A B111 2808 C99D 8831 (4096 bits RSA, created on March 4th 2016). You can also retrieve it from OpenPGP key servers. You can use it to send me encrypted emails or files, and to check digital signatures from me.

If all this sounds unfamiliar, and you want to understand what it’s all about, I suggest you have a look at The GNU Privacy Handbook for an introduction. For an easy step-by-step practical tutorial, you may also want to read the Free Software Foundation’s email self-defense guide.